Garage Cabinetry


Our garage storage systems are built to last....they come with a full lifetime warranty! Some other things for your consideration.....

  1. Best quality garage cabinets on the market.....all at discount prices!

  2. Choice of 6 cabinet colors at NO extra cost

  3. Solid steel, pewter, polished chrome, or oil rubbed bronze.

  4. 1" Thick Tops and Bottoms and 1" Adjustable Shelves.

  5. Dado Joint Construction Using 1/2" Full Cabinet Backs.

  6. All Cabinets are wall mounted appox. 6" above ground with no need of feet or support. Easy to clean and no place for pests to hide!

  7. All systems are computer designed and manufactured on state of the art cabinetry equipment.

  8. All cabinets are professionally installed.

  9. A variety of options available...encolusures, shoe cabinets, drawer options, etc.

  10. Full lifetime warranty on your garage cabinetry! Parts and repairs are no cost for the life of cabinets if damaged during normal use.